218 rub.

Topped up
Referrals of the 1 lev.1 pers.
Referrals of the 2 lev.1 pers.
Income from referrals2.04 rub.

162 rub.

Paid out
Income from contests0 rub.
Clicks in the websurfing79 cl.
Spent on advertising0 rub.


Hyundai Solaris
14 pcs.
Speed per hour0.0388 rub.
Cars in «Taxipark»14 pcs.


Volkswagen Polo
2 pcs.
Speed per hour0.034 rub.
Cars in «Carsharing»2 pcs.

Dialogue with the user

The first message in the dialogue with any user is paid! All the following messages in the dialogue with the user are free. Advertising of any kind is prohibited!