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How does it work?

  1. Registration

    Pass quick and simple registration in the project to open all the options of the Drift economic game.

  2. Car purchase

    Develop your virtual Taxis and Carsharing increasing the number of cars and increasing your profit at their expense.

  3. Profit collection

    Collect profit brought by your cars into the Taxis and Carsharing cashboxes.

  4. Earning payout

    Withdraw virtual profit to real money to your bank card or e-wallets.

Questions and answers

Drift is an absorbing economic game with the possibility of real money withdrawal. We give our users many ways to have a good time and make real money at the same time.

The project is developed and managed by the DRIFT GAMES LTD international company registered in the UK at the address 5 Jewry Street, London EC3N 2EX. The certificate is in the Support section.

There are over 7 ways to earn in Drift, the majority doesn't require investments and cash infusions in Drift. Here are some of them: Taxis, Carsharing, Business Levels, Site Surfing, Tasks, free Lottery, Daily Bonus and, of course, Partner Program. We recommend to find out more about each of them after registration.

Of course, there's a partner program in the project, which makes it possible to earn in Drift without any investments. We pay our partners 7% of first-level referrals' replenishments and 3% of second-level referrals' replenishments, as well as a pleasant bonus in the form of 20% from the referral's earning amount in the Site Surfing section.

Project Pool is the amount of funds the administration has to pay our users. The amount is made up of the difference between the amount of participants' replenishments and the amount paid, as well as project's advertising sections and DRIFT GAMES LTD business revenue.

We have no limits for earning pay-out, except for the minimum amount paid, which is set by payment systems and payment aggregators. Every user can withdraw from the project exactly as much as he earns in Drift.

Replenishment in Drift is implemented via payments systems Payeer, PerfectMoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Free-Kassa, and others. You can top up your balance in Drift with the currencies: RUB, USD, EUR, and cryptocurrencies. Recharging the balance is not obligatory, you can order payouts without topping up your balance.

Payments are made to payments systems Payeer, QIWI, Yandex.Money, Visa, MasterCard, Perfect Money, and others. Payouts are available in the next currencies: RUB, USD, EUR, and cryptocurrency. Every project use can order payouts without any limits.

Payments are made automatically within 15 minutes after the order. The minimum amount for payout order - 1 ruble.


User login Payout date Payment system Payout amount
sarrhai0419.09.2020 17:573.63 rub.
novacen19.09.2020 17:571.50 rub.
SISKA19.09.2020 17:571.01 rub.
hakangs190519.09.2020 17:576.00 rub.
wadimtropa19.09.2020 17:5751.60 rub.
omnifire19.09.2020 17:561.11 rub.
djby0419.09.2020 17:5629.28 rub.
Fhyfxdfbu19.09.2020 17:5617.44 rub.
uvu9219.09.2020 17:561.66 rub.
kerdshir19.09.2020 17:562.01 rub.
Gamer030619.09.2020 17:5516.59 rub.
Yefferson119.09.2020 17:551.43 rub.
internetqazanc19.09.2020 17:5513.58 rub.
gordo19.09.2020 17:551.36 rub.
Luciaisalopez0419.09.2020 17:5453.06 rub.
User login Recharge date Payment system Recharge amount
vlad755719.09.2020 17:5750.00 rub.
salambek19.09.2020 17:55149.00 rub.
Pakk342719.09.2020 17:5410.20 rub.
Evgen8919.09.2020 17:549.09 rub.
tedwalker19.09.2020 17:5416.18 rub.
rcerqueira3119.09.2020 17:539 341.00 rub.
Aslanbek202019.09.2020 17:5320.00 rub.
norton77719.09.2020 17:5210.00 rub.
genya3219.09.2020 17:50297.00 rub.
farmers19.09.2020 17:49160.00 rub.
milad0019.09.2020 17:4995.89 rub.
lateofnight19.09.2020 17:4758.00 rub.
dangtrinh9919.09.2020 17:4516.00 rub.
albatros202019.09.2020 17:42300.00 rub.
charon612319.09.2020 17:3610.00 rub.
User login User's E-mail Registration date
KSUN******[email protected]19.09.2020 17:56
rafettinderin*******[email protected]19.09.2020 17:55
Sumpori*****[email protected]19.09.2020 17:53
wilmer514********[email protected]19.09.2020 17:48
dias2010******[email protected]19.09.2020 17:47
Demon2565********[email protected]19.09.2020 17:45
Irohka888*********[email protected]19.09.2020 17:43
danilalarionov777*********[email protected]19.09.2020 17:43
boss11********[email protected]19.09.2020 17:40
asdasd12j3123mxxxxxx******[email protected]19.09.2020 17:38
mayt2020*****[email protected]19.09.2020 17:37
JD2020*********[email protected]19.09.2020 17:34
bardser******[email protected]19.09.2020 17:33
darle*********[email protected]19.09.2020 17:33
www30*********[email protected]19.09.2020 17:32